The new owners of major high street company Selfridges & Co of London decided to throw a huge welcome party recently that included an illuminated catwalk runway show supplied by Flashdancefloors.

LED Catwalks & Runways

Creating the perfect catwalk runway for models and fashion shows. LED catwalk runways are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry, as designers seek new ways to showcase their latest creations. These runways feature a unique lighting system that illuminates the models and their outfits, creating a stunning visual display for the audience.

Energy Efficient LED Runways

LED runways and catwalks use energy-efficient LED lights, which can be programmed to change color and intensity, creating a range of different effects. This allows designers to create a dynamic and engaging runway show that captures the attention of the audience and highlights the details of each garment.

LED catwalks also provide designers with new opportunities to experiment with innovative designs and materials. Many designers have incorporated LED lights directly into their garments, creating pieces that glow and change color as the models walk down the runway.

Fashion Show Highlighting Models & Garments

Such a visual appeal, LED catwalks also offer practical benefits for fashion shows. The energy-efficient lighting system reduces the overall carbon footprint of the event, and the programmable lights can be adjusted to suit different types of shows and venues.

LED catwalk runways are a thrilling innovation in the fashion industry. They provide designers with new ways to showcase their creations and engage with audiences, while also offering practical benefits for sustainability and versatility.