Christmas Party Dance Floors

During Christmas it is very important to get things booked in nice and early to ensure you get the product you are looking for. Christmas Dance Floor Hire can take care of all your dance floor, lighting, pa system and disco needs. We have many Christmas Dance Floors to choose from such as, Christmas wooden oak parquet flooring, Christmas white, Christmas sparkling black and our famous Christmas black and white chequered retro style dance floor.

Use a trusted name for dance floor Hire, Christmas Disco and/or Christmas karaoke packages. We wont let you down on quality or service. Christmas is by far the busiest time of the year for dance floor and disco services, so we do advise you to book these in as early as possible to ensure we have availability. We have carried out hundreds or corporate Christmas discos, so feel confident in a company with over 10 years experience in Christmas disco entertainment.

Speak to one of our team who will help you determine the size of dance floor you require. We will help you with planning this part of your events, give you the appropriate dimensions we believe is correct and suggest some entertainment packages suitable for your particular event. We are here to help and it’s what we do best! Use a trusted name for dance floor Hire and Christmas Disco/Christmas karaoke packages. We wont let you down!