FAQ – Our most Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Floor Hire to Party DJ and Accessories – Your Questions Answered.

Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) when hiring a dance floor or party accessories with Flash Dance Floor Hire. Feel free to contact us if a FAQ question is not here that you would like an answer for. We are one of the best and most reliable dance floor hire companies in the UK. Making your party a memorable one wherever your at home or at a venue.

How much does it cost to hire a dance floor?

It’s impossible to give dance floor hire price up front without knowing your location in the UK, the size of your dance floor required and if you would like party extras included but we guarantee our prices are very competitive once you enquire.

Do you hire your party equipment, DJ service and dance floors anywhere in the UK?

Yes we do, we are able to provide you with any of the party hire equipment and DJ hire services anywhere in the UK.

Do you hire LED Dance Floors?

Yes we do. Our LED Dance Floors are the most popular dance floors for party hire, Weddings, Functions & Events.

Do you deliver and pick-up the equipment?

We deliver and set-up your equipment prior to your party, event, function and test it making sure your party goes without any problems. Once your party is over we arrange a time to pick up and dismantle your dance floor and party accessories hired.

Can we choose our own music if we hire your DJ Services?

Yes. There’s nothing better than a personal party music list of songs for your party.

Can we reserve a dance floor in advance and conform booking at a later date?

Our dance floors and Party Hire Services are very popular so reserving is permitted but dependant on time and date of your party. We advise reserving and confirming booking.

Can we hire more than 1 dance floor for a larger space in venue?

Yes. Our floors are changeable to the largest of venues and various shapes. Your venue will be able to provide you with size of the room where you would like your dance floor installed.

How many years have you been trading?

Flash Dance Floors has been trading and hiring party equipment since the early 1990’s. We continue to be one of the UK’s Best and most Reliable party hire companies.

Can we hire extra party accessories at a later date?

Yes. We are able to add any extra party accessories to your reservation right up to a week before your party or event. Letting us know as early as possible will avoid disappointment if all party equipment is out on hire.

Do you hire Wedding Dance Floors?

Yes. Our Wedding Dance Floors are amazing, we have multiple choices from pure White Dance Floors, Black Starlit Sparkle dance floors to specific Disco Dance Floors and LED Dance Floors that flash in time to your choice of music or song being played. Our Wedding Dance Floors will wow your guests and provide you a perfect floor for your “First Dance” together as Mr & Mrs x

Do you provide House Party Hire?

Yes. Our House Party Hire Services have grown year on year from young children’s parties to Birthday celebrations saving on venue hire costs as at home or even a friends. Our house party hire equipment includes dance floors, party accessories, light up effects, DJ and Music through to LED tables and Chairs to make your House Party Celebrations a memorable event.